Payment Processing for Small Business

The Flexibility and the Finances… You Can Have Both!

After all your hard work, your business deserves to have that cash flowing in… Automatically! Zaptify Solutions’ payment feature is integrated with Stripe for fast and easy online payments, in addition to text-to-pay, automated invoicing with payment links, and integration with Quickbooks.

Getting paid will never have to be a task on your to-do list again. Furthermore, our features will not only ensure that you get paid quicker and easier by allowing you to send payment links on any customer communication platform, but that you continue to engage customers throughout the payment process. With our flexible payment options, you can actually look forward to payday!

Save Time, Resources and Your Peace of Mind

Never worry about the postage, paper, invoices, phone calls, emails, and sighs of frustration that come with receiving payment. With Zaptify’s features, you can collect payment via text and email through simple payment links. We make payment peaceful with automated invoicing.

Payment software
Payment software
payment automation

Never Lose Track of Cash or Customers

Zaptify’s payments feature allows you to see which customers have paid and which ones haven’t, so you don’t need to do any digging and can reach out to them right away. Furthermore, use automatic invoicing links to close deals in text conversations and make your life, and the customer’s, that much easier.

payment automation

Choose Convenience Every Step of the Way

Having choices comes from having options, and with Zaptify Solutions, you’ll have them all. With our payment system, your business will be able to accept credit card, debit card, cash, bank transfer, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Can it get any easier?

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