CRM, Customer Relationship Management Concept
CRM, Customer Relationship Management Concept


Customer Relationship Management System Logan UT

The Tool That Works Hard, So You Don’t Have To

We know it can be overwhelming to run a business. With the amount of online channels, social media platforms, and streams of customer engagement, it can be tough to keep track of it all and stay organized. There are only so many spreadsheets you can create before valuable information you can use to grow your business starts to fall through the cracks.

Our CRM automation feature allows for optimized storage of essential customer data, while constantly tracking and updating new information throughout the customer journey in real time.

By gathering information through contact forms, campaign engagement, buying patterns, and communications with customer service, our CRM captures and focusses customer data that your business can use to build more intent-based targeting campaigns.

Close More Sales with Configurable Pipelines

Use our powerful, configurable and automated sales and marketing pipelines to move customers through the process swiftly, while still providing them with the attention and service they deserve. Our CRM software allows you to keep track of what step leads are on in the sales funnel, while providing you with the analytics and data to grow your business, all in one place.

Marketing Pipelines
Automated Nurturing Campaigns

Automate Contact Nurturing Without Losing the Care

Turn leads into customers with our effective automated nurturing campaigns that meet the unique and personalized needs of your clients. With Zaptify, automation does not mean losing personalization. By targeting the individual needs of your customers with powerful nurturing campaigns, your business becomes highly relevant to the lives of your buyers.

Automated Nurturing Campaigns

Manage Your Team and Grow Together

With our leading CRM software, you can keep your hottest leads at the forefront, while reactivating stale leads on auto-pilot. By managing bulk actions for your team and presenting the segmentation of leads, campaigns, and custom actions in one easily-accessible place, you and your team will always be on the same page.

CRM Software
CRM Software
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