SMS marketing
SMS marketing

Two-Way Communication

Best Customer Communication Software!

It Takes Two, and We’ve Got Your Part Covered

When it comes to growing your business, putting your customers first is paramount. We know just how important customer communication can be, and our features allow you to provide the highest quality service while saving valuable time and resources.

Communicate with clients via email, text from your landline business number, Facebook Messenger, and Google My Business, or use our Artificial Intelligence feature to engage customers in conversation about your service or product, without actually being there. Communicate on-the-go using our innovative mobile app, or save time by auto-responding to missed calls. Whatever floats your boat, Zaptify’s features are guaranteed to put customers’ needs first, without putting yours last.

Automate Conversations with Artificial Intelligence

Long gone are the days of actually being present during a live chat. Use our state-of-the-art AI feature to respond to leads and existing customers, without taking valuable time out of your schedule to do so. Furthermore, you can auto-respond to missed calls as well, to make sure you never lose a lead and keep your customers engaged!

2 way communication
2 way communication
communication on-the-go,Customer Communication Software

On the Go and Wherever You Are

Business doesn’t just have to stay in the office. Take success into your own hands and engage with customers anytime, any place with the mobile app. Use the Zaptify app to access, read, respond to, and organize incoming messages, whether they are from text, Google My Business, Facebook, and more. You can also categorize your messages and assign different conversations to various employees.

communication on-the-go

Build Relationships, All in One Place

Now you never have to go back to sifting through chat histories, looking for that one conversation with that one lead! With our app, you will always be able to refer to the stored history of communication for every single contact. This also allows you to group important conversations and highlight which ones need immediate attending to and efficient responses from your team. It can’t get any easier!

2 way communication
2 way communication
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